Happy marketing

Understanding the social happiness will help brands to be aware of the market and to gain a competitive advantage through continuous market monitoring in the rapidly changing world at real-time. Prejudices can be minimized in collective feedback from customers who instantly share their experiences at real-time before forgetting them. If brands understand online happiness they can also manage it in order to make decisions that increase customers’ happiness levels.
Big data can offer businesses great opportunities for competitive advantage, because online businesses always know that the main competition is in getting the right measured, manageable data. Businesses use big data analytics to make marketing decisions. Using all the information they have for their customers they can make their products more customer-oriented and create the content their customers want or personalize them according to the customers. Businesses predict trends for their customers using big data. They measure, understand and manage their customers' behavior, emotions and loyalty.
It is a well-known fact that happy people in an organization brings great competitive advantage to that businesses. Even pretending to be optimistic is good for the economy. Such an important concept must be managed. To be managed, first of all it should be measured. How can we manage what we can't measure?
In today's competitive environment, measuring brand values and monitoring these values over time are very important although there is no consensus on the conceptual structure of the brand value and the way to measure this value in literature. In recent years one of the most important brand values is happiness. Today, customer-oriented businesses have realized the importance of creating not only satisfied but also happy customers. These businesses have started to design all their marketing strategies for the purpose of creating happy customers. Thus, an emotional bond can be established with the brand, which is indispensable for a brand. Especially the use of social media, which goes as far as addiction, creates great opportunities for marketers to establish this emotional bond. Measuring the interdisciplinary “happiness” issue in a social environment will enable us to obtain real measurement results. Measuring such a research with new scales developed in accordance with Turkish and our social culture, apart from ready-made package programs, will enable us to reach more accurate results.
We measure and compare the top 8 brands’ happiness from unstructured online data. Selected brands are in the list of the Brand Finance’s 2018 top Turkish brands within textile, telecom, airlines, banking sectors. Happiness levels of these companies on social media platforms are determined. The happiness of the happiest brands’ campaigns affects are also measured. We develop a questionnaire scale to measure the happiness of an application in marketing field.