Digital well-being

A socio-technical advisor is developed to advise users whose happiness level has decreased due to technology to leave their devices. The social detox therapist, the digital well-being system, is designed to explore user groups, user behavior and software features that persuade users to increase their happiness to combat digital addiction. The user requirements for digital well-being system are explored to discover the expectations and needs of the users.

We answer the following questions:

What are the system features that make users happy in a virtual environment by reducing my digital addiction?
What are the factors that will persuade users to increase their happiness with the application?
Which application features can increase user happiness?
What are the factors that will persuade users to reduce their digital addiction?

STS which measures online happiness is given in Figure 1 (Kahya Özyirmidokuz et al., 2017)

Figure 1

Our research and reporting work continues...

According to Edward Tufle, "There are only two sectors that call their customers “users”; the illegal drug industry and the software industry"

Digital Mindfulness · #106 How To Overcome Digital Addiction with Professor Raian Ali