Digital addiction

is an emergent research area and explores the problematic usage of digital media described as being obsessive, excessive, compulsive, impulsive and hasty.
Addiction has persisted for many years. Only the factors that cause addiction have changed, diversified and multiplied over time. Today, the most powerful stimulant that makes the individual addicted is the digital world, the product of developing technologies. The state of technology to steer the world history has also created the concept of "digital dependent human" by penetrating into people's lives and even almost completely taking over. This has led to the emergence of new lifestyles shaped around digital addictions. Phenomena and their crazy followers are the best examples to give this. With the digitalization at the basis of technology, individuals coded have become dependent on the message coming from that environment as well as a dependence on the environment. Today's digital addicted model chooses to talk by writing instead of talking face to face with the human environment, to raise their morale thanks to the likes they share, to prefer virtual world friendships to real-world friendships and positioned digital as the main determinant of their lives.We are investigating the relations between happiness and digital addiction.

We aim to develop a conceptual, emotional and cultural framework for the digital addiction on the system which is updated by collecting and analyzing the users’ feedback from the users in social software technical systems. "Persuasive technology" which is the “software-assisted behavioral change mechanisms” is one of the keywords of the research. We are also investigating the “gamification techniques” in the project.

We investigate the relationships between addiction and happiness

Thanks to Dr. Raian Ali, not only for the help and support which allowed us to undertake this research but also for sharing us his knowledge and experiences and being in our research team. We are glad to to have the opportunity to work with him in our projects.

This research is also supported by Erciyes University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit, Project id: SBA-2017-7195 , Project name: “Culture Aware Design for Digital Addiction Prevention” (2017- ongoing project), Project field: Management Information Systems

The overall cost of the project is 39.281,42 ₺
Duration: 44 months
Project team: Dr. Esra Kahya Özyirmidokuz and Dr. Raian Ali
Collabration with Hamad bin Khalifa University


Digital well-being
Digital addiction
Persuasive technology
Requirements engineering